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Plagiari, Giannitsa

Pella, Greece, Zip Code 58100

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Underwater Photography Exhibition

On the top floor we host a photo exhibition from professional under water photographers, featuring species from the seas of the Philippines, Marshal Islands and Red Sea.  Here we can see and appreciate deep dwelling animals in their natural habitats, as well as discovering the amazing rainbow colors that mollusks themselves sometimes have.

The Grande Opening of the Museum

On Apr. 14, 2018, the Oceanic Exposition of the Halkia-Demetzis family in Plagiari, Pella, was inaugurated and surprised! The impressive exhibition of 2300 rare shells, corals, shells and other marine species from the personal collection of Mr. Demertzis was presented to the guests in a detailed analysis that would envy every seafront lover while the ribbon was cut by Theodora Tzakri together with Mayor of Pella Gregory Stamko.


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